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Mahadevamurthy M. , Adithyakumari H.
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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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Abstract :
brief review of important studies on resources and services of law libraries. The investigator has gathered information from LISA, LISTA and Emerald databases and prepared review on the topic. The study is distributed under the following headings namely, availability of resources and services in law College / University/School libraries, law library reference Services/use of services-online bibliographic services, application of RFID in law libraries, use of catalogue Services/OPAC, resource sharing among law libraries, user education-law students, role of librarian in law school technology management, need for information literacy on law schooling and need for legal information, Internet in law libraries, Internet legal information, library website in law libraries /availability of web resources, application of CD-ROM technology in law libraries/ CDROM legal databases, challenges in provision of legal information to users provision of online information sources, online database searching and retrieval, concept and use of online legal information resources and databases, use of electronic publications, e-mail services and chat reference Services, Techniques used in negotiating electronic information, use of web 2.0 tools and use of Blogs, Wikis, podcasting in law libraries and use of electronic legal information services and digital libraries, Use of information in legal research in law libraries. Thus this paper helps to know the research conducted in the area of law libraries and gives an idea and suggestions to conduct research in the future.
Keywords :
  • review of literature
  • use of law library’s resources and services
  • electronic resources and services
  • use of online legal databases
  • use of legal web resources
  • national law school libraries
  • law college libraries