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It is with great dedication and enthusiasm that I have committed to the job of editor Laxmi Book Publication’s Journal of E-Library Science Research Journal. My associate editors Rajani Kota and We will focus on moving the journal forward,staying true to Laxmi Book Publication’s core values of developing ethical leaders in our global community and ensuring our commitment to academic and professional excellence.
As APJ Abdul Kalam once said, “To succeed in our mission, we must have single-minded devotion to our goal”. Today,we are taking a step forward in that direction by publishing Pushpanjali Patil and Rajani Kota journal of E-Library Science Research Journal.The LSRJ is a new international multidisciplinary,peer-reviewed journal devoted to publishing quality feature and research articles on a variety of topics related to multidisciplinary language.
This issue of the peer-reviewed,LSRJ will provide a venue for academics,students,and practitioners to publish current and significant research and or other publication activities.We encourage academics and practitioners in any discipline to submit research papers,current book reviews,or any ideas for journal improvement. I hope our Journal will be encourage and support a continued effort to create,deliver,and sustain quality,ethical, and interesting research and topics.
All the best,
       Pushpanjali Patil