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Q :What is an ISSN?

A: The International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) is a standardized number attached to your publication which universally identifies it. Your ISSN is unique to your journal and will not be duplicated by any other publication.

Q: How often is the e-Library Science Research Journal Finder updated?

A: It is updated every day.

Q: How is continued Open Access availability of my articles guaranteed?

A: e-Library Science Research Journal deposits all of the Open Access articles that it publishes in a number of independent, permanent Open Access archives.

Q: Why publish in e-Library Science Research Journal?

A: Fast, efficient peer review. This process is streamlined thanks to a user-friendly, web-based system for submission and for referees to view manuscripts and return their reviews.

Q: How review peers takes place?



Q: What are procedure for fast publication?

A: I) As per guidelines and format

II) Covered all necessary points.

III) Complete address and content

IV) Soft copy as per guidelines

V )Article accepted by reviewers

Q: What are the reasons delays for publication?

A: I) Incomplete Article

II) Reviewers recommended some changes

III) If font is different.

IV) Absence of any points.

For example, abstract, keywords, research method, data analysis or research integration.

Q: Can I publish a review or survey paper in e-Library Science Research Journal (LSRJ)?

A: There are no restrictions on the type of paper that may be published within LSRJ. Any article submitted that falls within the aims and scope of a journal will be eligible to be published in LSRJ.

Q: How long does the review process take?

A: The papers will be reviewed by two or more independent referees. They may also be read and considered by members of the journal’s editorial board and ultimately by the editor(s) before a decision is rendered. The review result will be sent to you within one month after submission.

Q: How to submit manuscripts to LSRJ?

A: Authors should submit their manuscript through our online submission system ( or Submissions sent via email will be accepted at .Through the online submission, authors can easily check the status of their submission. Papers are easier to track, amend, and update.

Q: How do I know whether my manuscript submission to LSRJ worked OK?

A: You will receive an Acceptance Letter as soon as you have uploaded the manuscript. If there are any problems with your uploaded or submitted manuscript you will be contacted by the editors.

Q: Whom do I contact if I have questions about the status of my manuscript?

A: Please contact us via the email:

Q: What type of file format do you accept?

A: At present, Microsoft Word 2003 or higher is the only format for submitting your manuscript.

Q: How many pages is allowed in any submitted paper?

A: Submissions should be no less than two pages and should not exceed thirty pages in length.

Q: How many papers can an author submit and what are the restrictions?

A: An author can submit any number of different papers for publication consideration. However, you can only submit one paper to one journal at one time. You cannot submit the same paper to more than one journal at the same time for consideration.

Q: Can I access the full-text of articles for free?

A: Yes, you can freely browse the table of contents and abstracts of all articles in the e-Library Science Research Journal.

Q: How can I find my articles in e-Library Science Research Journal?

A: : Click on Archives link

Q: How can download my research paper on your site?

A: Click the link of Archives, select which month published your article & click on your name link

Q: Where is the Publications Office located?

A: The e-Library Science Research Journal Publications Office is located in India. Our mailing address is 258/34 Raviwar Peth, Solapur- 413 005, Maharashtra, India

Q: My manuscript has been accepted! How soon can I expect to see it online?

A: Accepted manuscripts are placed into a publication queue once our office can verify that all required forms have been received. It typically takes less than a week for an accepted manuscript with the proper documentation on file to appear online.

Q: What proofs will I receive and how will I get these?

A: Visit website you will see acceptance certificate.

Q: How long the review process of the manuscripts would take to be completed?

A: It usually takes not more than 2-3 months from the date of submission (of course, all efforts is done to bound to this limit, but rarely due to some unexpected problems the process may become longer).

Q: How long would it take for a manuscript to be published in the journal after being accepted?

A: The volume in which the manuscript will be published is usually decided by the chief editor or the editorial board. This could vary depending on the subject, number of the accepted papers awaiting publication, etc…. However, we usually try to shorten this period to less than 6 months (at least for online publication)

Q: Is Open URL linking available?

A: Open URL linking is possible via CrossRef. To view a full list of URLs and content coverage please see our linking support page

Q: Is pre-payment required?

A: Please note that in case of a publication pre-payment is required. Dispatch of issues and/or electronic access will commence only after correct payment has been received.

Q: Still have question?

A: Contact to (0217 2372010), or by email ( at any time.